Halyna Chepurko
Professional copywriter and content writer. My posts get more than 50k views.
My name is Halyna, I am a freelance copywriter and a content writer. I started my writing journey back in 2014 with writing a copy for a small digital marketing agency. Since then I have been working with many clients writing product descriptions for their online shops, creating content for their blogs and writing SEO articles for their websites.

In 2018, two of my friends and I started an environmental blog called EgyEcoLand where I was writing about conscious consumption, zero waste and recycling. Apart from the environment, I am also passionate about minimalism, self-care, psychology and yoga.

I can be helpful to you if you need:
  • a SEO article
  • a blog article
  • social media content plan and posts
  • product description for your online store

  • an expert article on any aspect of eco-friendly lifestyle
  • check list
  • landing page copy
  • other
Why choose me?
I have more 6 years of experience in copywriting and have written more that 2500 articles
My posts get more than 50k views
I hold Master's degree in Marketing
If you would like to see some samples, please check out my portfolio
“Every product has a unique personality and it is my job to find it.” – Joe Sugarman
Contact info
For any enquiries please email me at galina.chepurko@gmail.com
or drop me a message at WhatsApp +380962870143
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